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Diamond Sauce - Waves Vocal Presets

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Looking to add some serious shine to your vocals? Waves Diamond Sauce is here! This preset pack has been carefully crafted using some of the best plugins that the audio industry has to offer. Each preset is built ready to take your vocals to all new heights! So what are you waiting for? Get diamond sauce today!


  • Vocal preset pack
  • Using Waves plugins
  • 30 lead vocal presets
  • 10 ad-lib & dub presets
  • Made using STUDIO RACK
  • Must have waves plugins 
  • Does not come with waves Plugins


NEW Install Guide: vocalsauce.com/presetwiki


Watch Now

Watch the product video for Diamond Sauce HERE

Diamond Plugin Bundle from waves

All individual plugins used in Diamond Sauce:

R-Channel , Mondo Mod, REQ6, R Compressor, R-Verb, Saphira, Puigtec EQS, Vitamin, REQ 2, Sibilance, H-Comp, H-Delay, MV2, C4, AXX, PS22 Spread, Super tap 6 , Waves-Tune real time, Meta flanger, Q10.

Listen here:

Click the play button to hear the presets in action.