Drip Too Hard

Vocal Presets inspired by Gunna

Drip Too Hard Vocal Presets - BaywoodAudio.com
Drip Too Hard Vocal Presets - BaywoodAudio.com

Drip Too Hard


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The Benefits of Vocal Presets

Quick & easy to use and install

Gets more artists into mixing

Easy to tweak and adjust to taste

Works for wavy  trap vocals

Guaranteed to increase your quality

How to produce a trap beat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Dye Harris
Great Quality Presets

This preset is a must have. I got this pack, and so far i made a whole new album in days. If you need a hit get this pack ASAP! 👍👍 👍 👍

TJ Minson

Drip Too Hard Vocal Presets

Moola Beatz
Drip Too Hard Vocal Presets

To be honest I feel like there could be a lot more done on the pack. Through watching your videos on YouTube I was able to at least achieve what I wanted but I'm still not impressed with the presets. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing your product but the I feel like you guys can give the product bit more attention because I don't feel like it's a value for money, maybe sell it for less or make new improvements. So I give it two stars because I subscribed to your YouTube channel and it has given me a great insights on vocal mixing.

Thank you for your feedback Moola. We have made some updates to the pack that are now live!

Henry T.

Honestly there not bad I like the ice one

Devante W.

Brought some Of the vocals on these tracks pop way more and it’s way easier. Good lookin with this one

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