Vocal Sauce 2

The 2nd edition of the most popular
vocal preset pack on the internet.

Vocal Sauce 2 - Vocal Preset Pack - BaywoodAudio.com
Vocal Sauce 2 - Vocal Preset Pack - BaywoodAudio.com
Vocal Sauce 2 - Vocal Preset Pack

Vocal Sauce 2


Listen to a few before & afters below!

The Benefits of Vocal Sauce 2

Quick & easy to use and install

Wide variety of genres and vibes

Easy to tweak and adjust to taste

Works for male and female vocals

Guaranteed to increase your quality

Watch Vocal Sauce In Action


Customer Reviews

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Kate Aguikar
Good Costumer Service! Great Product


If you think you can't sound good or that you sound great Now... then BUY THIS because

If you are feeling like you aren’t a fan of your own voice and it cant sound good no matter what you try or do.... this toss one of these puppies on your vocal track (might have to cycle a few to find the right vibe) and BOOM... YOU INSTANTLY IMMEDIATELY BEGIN TO SOUND like… for the sake of not being biast and not knowing what sound your’re going for or taste in music, which doesn’t matter, YOUR FAVORITE SINGER/RAPPER whoever or if not like them, then just as easy on the ears as they sound. Its like buying yourself an audio engineer degree or personal producer… its honestly not fair its like cheating almost it feels like… but at the same time not… its just stock plugins, professionally tuned to the right settings and saved, like DR. BAYWOOD…Dr. Drewood…? Ahah.. dragged his DAW box onto your screen and said “here ya go fam go wild you a star now” and yeah…

IF TLDR; THEYRE AWESOME AS F#@%. Worth a couple hour shift at work or trip to your parents wallet for sure and then some. I say raise the price. Jk.

Vincent Varsh

I’ve recently purchased Vocal Sauces 2 and 3, as well as the GOAT and Problems preset packs- combining these presets with the wealth of knowledge Jordan provides through his YouTube channel is an absolute GAME CHANGER! Watch Jordan’s videos (which break down his process) and tweak things to fit your mix- it has taught me a TON about Logic as a DAW, the purpose of the effects I was previously bumbling through using, and essentially how to make fire tracks! Big fan here, definitely going to check out melodic sauce(s) next!

Charlie Bowdery

None of them really sound like the demos provided, EQ’s seem to be fairly off on all presets, kinda all sound the same 👎

Hey Charlie,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

Just so you know, make sure to check your input gain so you are coming into the presets around -20 RMS and they will work like a charm.


Jason Perdue

I honestly expected a little bit more versatility with the presets. they all sounded generally the same, a few did stand out and I’m thankful for the ones I like but would’ve loved to see more styles.