Indie Sauce

A ultimate vocal preset pack for all Indie artists.

Indie Sauce - Vocal Preset Pack
Indie Sauce - Vocal Preset Pack

Indie Sauce


Listen to a few before & afters below!

The Benefits of Indie Sauce

Quick & easy to use and install

Made using indie artists vocals

Easy to tweak and adjust to taste

Works for male and female vocals

Guaranteed to increase your quality

Watch Vocal Presets In Action


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Leanie Wanja
Indie Sauce - Vocal Preset Pack

Not my best purchase among the packs I bought.

Prince M.

Got weird patches instead of presets like I always did before🤷🏽‍♂️😭

Smiley M.

I was super excited to buy it. It’s exactly my genre and mixes well with more trappy hip hop stuff and I just tried them all out and I didn’t hear much of a change at all. The last preset pack I bought was pretty great and I use it all of the time and have become my go tos. I still use other vocal effects and harmonizers, but I know your presets will take me where I’m headed.

Robert Starets-Foote

Love it, I know it wasn’t stated but I wish there was a bus with it to enhance the vocals as the mix leaves them yes very nice sounding but also very quiet, I say something about a bus because most people looking for presets are still getting the hang of things so a bus to help with the mix would be amazing, but the mix itself for the vocals the layers are very cool and main presets are awesome, also the master it’s true it is good for indie music

Türker Elmas
My Baywood pack collection is complete. Now is the time to make music.

It puts your vocals in a very sweet shape. Background vocals are also very good. Pick up the guitar and scream your song in these presets and hit the record button. It also includes a mastering setting suitable for this music. The last pack of my Baywood collection. I bought them all, only a couple of artist presets left. Not a penny I give is wasted because it deserves more.

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