Hear your background vocals like never before!

Adlib Sauce - Vocal Layer Presets -
Adlib Sauce - Vocal Layer Presets -



Listen to a few before & afters below!

The Benefits of ADLIB Sauce

Quick & easy to use and install

Wide variety of genres and vibes

Easy to tweak and adjust to taste

Never spend hours on vocal layers again

Guaranteed to increase your quality

Express yourself in a whole new way

Add excitement to every song you create

Easily make and release more music

Made for Adlib, Dubs, Harmonies, and Layers.

Hear your vocal layers like never before.

About Adlib Sauce

Introducing Adlib Sauce: the secret weapon every artist needs to take their music to the next level.

As producers and vocalists know, crafting the perfect ad libs and background vocals is an incredibly time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

With ADLIB Sauce, you can instantly enhance your creativity with 25 pre-made presets in no time at all. That means more time to do the things that matter—creating new music and being excited about it!

Adlib sauce doesn’t limit your creativity either, allowing you to easily customize each preset for a track as unique as you are.
And for those times where you just need that extra something, our product enables you to add that perfect flare and give your musical masterpieces an extra boost of awesomeness.

Don’t spend hours crafting individual vocal layers—let ADLIB Sauce do it for you!

Stop settling for less than stellar tracks—grab your sauce today and get ready for an exciting song!