Mastering Starter Pack - 5 Mastering Chains -

Mastering Starter Pack - 5 Mastering Chains

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5 Mastering Chains made using stock plugins.

Mastering helps glue and level the song to be ready for streaming services and sound systems.

Try our Mastering Starter Pack, and one of the five mastering chains will get your song banging and ready to listen to on a phone speaker, car speaker, live show, Spotify, everything.

Our Mastering Starter Pack uses plugins like EQ to do a final clean-up, compression to glue the song together, limiting to bring up the loudness, and much more!

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We guarantee that this pack will absolutely level up your mixing game and if it doesn't you can get your money back no questions asked. We answer our emails daily. Support@BaywoodAudio.Com

Customer Reviews

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Mastering Starter Pack - 5 Mastering Chains

it could use more stereo image but its okay

Trent H.


jo B.

amazing. i love it
can you please do an instruments mix and master preset?
that'll be a game changer for me because sometimes i struggle to get the right mix for kick and 808 for instance

that is something we are working on, we will have it ready soon! Thanks for your suggestion!

Devante W.

It made my tracks sound like it was brought to life. I really appreciate this

Nick W.

Contact me here : [****]
if you are willing to buy fl studio vision and exchange it for the logic pro

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