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Vocal Sauce 3
Very good and helpful

Had an issue in the beginning but the team was very fast on solving it without any issues.


Vocal Sauce 3
Reggie James

It gave me an excellent starting point to mix from.

Gold Sauce

Gold Sauce - Waves Vocal Presets is a powerful and versatile tool for vocalists looking to take their vocal recordings to the next level. This collection of vocal presets is specifically designed to work with Waves plugins, which are widely considered to be some of the best plugins in the industry. The presets are easy to use, versatile, and of high quality, making them a valuable addition to any producer or vocalist's toolkit.

Vocal Sauce 3
Mr WhyteBoi


Boost x 10

Jordan thanks brother this packs have heled so mucg


Superb service! Highly recommended

If you think you can't sound good or that you sound great Now... then BUY THIS because

If you are feeling like you aren’t a fan of your own voice and it cant sound good no matter what you try or do.... this toss one of these puppies on your vocal track (might have to cycle a few to find the right vibe) and BOOM... YOU INSTANTLY IMMEDIATELY BEGIN TO SOUND like… for the sake of not being biast and not knowing what sound your’re going for or taste in music, which doesn’t matter, YOUR FAVORITE SINGER/RAPPER whoever or if not like them, then just as easy on the ears as they sound. Its like buying yourself an audio engineer degree or personal producer… its honestly not fair its like cheating almost it feels like… but at the same time not… its just stock plugins, professionally tuned to the right settings and saved, like DR. BAYWOOD…Dr. Drewood…? Ahah.. dragged his DAW box onto your screen and said “here ya go fam go wild you a star now” and yeah…

IF TLDR; THEYRE AWESOME AS F#@%. Worth a couple hour shift at work or trip to your parents wallet for sure and then some. I say raise the price. Jk.

Vocal Sauce 3
Jose Altamirano

The presets are great,it would be nice to have the presets for Multiple daws most of use two to three daws


Presets are coming in clutch!!


This is about to be my go to!

Really helped make my production much smoother and quicker, great presets

Vocal Sauce 3
Ruben Mendez
Awesome Product

Definitely satisfied

Vocal Sauce 3
$teezy Beats
Not Bad At All

These presets help a ton when working with new artist’s or even when trying to hear your vocals with different effects. These presets aren’t perfect by any means because everybody’s vocals, mic, and interface are different.. But these presets will immediately give you a professional sound to work off of. 10/10 would recommend this product to any beginner or intermediate audio engineer or vocalist!

Vocal Sauce 3
fantastic product

fantastic product

Mastering Sauce = Life Saver

I knew nothing about the mastering and deep mixing process. This pack gives me a much needed head start while teaching me what plugins I should use. And my mixes sound SO much better! I can now publish my songs with confidence on streaming platforms thanks to Baywood Audio. Thank you!

Vocal Sauce 3
Mic Hero
Still Working Thru The Pre’s

I First Off Wanna Say That I Been Shopping With Bro When He Had Just Logic Pro Presets He Always Always Delivered However Im Still Trying Get That Sound Replicated And ITLL Take Some Time To Do So I Only Wish We Had Some For Mixcraft

Vocal Sauce 1

Love the accuracy and speed of this product. A must have with great support. 5 /5. Stars.

Buy it.

These presets are well worth the purchase.


I’ve recently purchased Vocal Sauces 2 and 3, as well as the GOAT and Problems preset packs- combining these presets with the wealth of knowledge Jordan provides through his YouTube channel is an absolute GAME CHANGER! Watch Jordan’s videos (which break down his process) and tweak things to fit your mix- it has taught me a TON about Logic as a DAW, the purpose of the effects I was previously bumbling through using, and essentially how to make fire tracks! Big fan here, definitely going to check out melodic sauce(s) next!

Vocal Sauce 3
Tyler Cole

I’m happy with my purchase, and the vocal presets are quality. They often require a lot of volume and pitch tuning, and I find only 3-4 out of the 50 are something I would use

Vocal Sauce 3
Lost Teddy
Great 🔥

Love the pack helped me a lot:)

Vocal Sauce 3
Frank Villapana

bro, this pack is golden and saves so much time, easy to use and lots of great sounds to pick from.
y'all are legends

Doesn’t sound that good

fl studio version is eh sounds decent but definitely not as good as the demos sound