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Ice Cold Vocal Presets
Jasmine Jones
Fire presets

Bro this preset is fireeeee...the ad libs are super smooth and icey.

Vocal Sauce 3
Nkosenhle Mdunge
Vocal Sause 3

I have been wanting the Vocal Sause 3 Pack since it was announced and I'm Happy I finally went around purchasing it, It's an absolute game changer on my vocals, with every preset I tell myself it can't get any better than this and it does, I'm absolutely hooked on it, can't stop recording new Music. Shout out to Baywood audio the Best of the Best‼️💯

Vocal sauce vol 1

I like the presets and I appreciate yall for helping me with certain questions.
Need more Studio One stuff

Big Push For My Vocal Tracks

These are very hot presets. They push my songs to a whole new level of great sound. #I'llbeback

Gold is Great

i enjoy these presets. Very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vocal Sauce 1 - Vocal Preset Pack

Great Quality Presets

This preset is a must have. I got this pack, and so far i made a whole new album in days. If you need a hit get this pack ASAP! 👍👍 👍 👍

Soo many vibes!!!

There is so much variety and I love how these sound!

Not Terrible

I was expecting the difference to be a bit more dramatic but they’re not bad. Not sure if my voice fits right with a lot of the plug ins.

The Sauce Bundle
Norman Frazier

A big plus to help with your music, GREAT

Drip Too Hard Vocal Presets

Melodic Sauce 1 review

waves vocal presets are superb !!

Melodic Sauce 2

This pack is fire. It helped me get the sound I was looking for very fast. Used to take hours to mix, now I get to the mastering stage much faster. Thanks for taking out your time to make these presets 👍🏽.


Wowzers! 🗣🎙🎼💪🏽

Definitely worth every penny, LITERALLY! It’s insane the things you can do to your vocals and the step up is TREMENDOUS!

Vocal Sauce 3
Cobby Jones
Vocal Sauce 3

I was struggling with recording my vocals until I saw the video on YouTube. I copped it straightaway and boy oh boy, what a purchase! It’s a game changer for me! Perfect vocals every time 👌🏾

Master Sauce - 25 Mastering Chains

Vocal Sauce 3
Makes me happy

This Vocal Sauce 3 pack is so helpful. With absolutely zero professional audio engineering skills, I'm able to mix and master my own songs. It's incredible!

Vocal Sauce 3 = Amazing

I can describe Vocal Sauce 3 in one word…Amazing! Makes mixing a whole lot easier. I’ve been able to find a good sound for many different types of songs and voices! Great job man.

Very Good

Keep it up

Vocal Sauce 3
Christopher Dietrich


Vocal Sauce 3
Michael Pierce
Vocal Sauce 3

Had some issues at first but Jordan helped me through it. Can't wait to start playing with the presets.


Could be less chains but more intensive

Ice cold

The presents are perfect and saves time. Takes the guess work out so I can focus on other things.

I honestly expected a little bit more versatility with the presets. they all sounded generally the same, a few did stand out and I’m thankful for the ones I like but would’ve loved to see more styles.