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  • 7-Hour Vocal Mixing & Mastering Course¬†

  • Send the song of your choice to get mixed and mastered.¬†

  • Once you approve the mix it will be turned into a custom mixing template and presets.¬†

  • Video recording on how to get the most out of your template.¬†

  • BONUS: All 18 vocal preset packs added to your account.¬†

  • The total value of this package:¬†$1,046



  • Everything in Starter Package¬†plus the following:

  • 1-Hour Zoom sessions every week for 3 weeks¬†

  • 3 Personalized assignments to cater to your genre¬†

  • Custom Social Media Content Strategy Plan & Music Brand Strategy¬†

  • The total value of this package:¬†$2,698



  • Everything in the Starter Package¬†plus the following:

  • 1-Hour Zoom Sessions every week for 3 months.¬†

  • 12¬†personalized assignments catered towards your genre and niche.¬†

  • Get the exact methods that I've used to consistently generate a 7 figure income as a full-time musician.

  • This package is 100% personalized and reserved for dedicated students ready to¬†build a successful music career.

  • The total value of this package: $9,430

Which package is right for me?


The starter package is perfect for hobbyist creators with busy schedules.

Starter users can dial in their custom mixing template then continue to share music with our private music community of existing creators for track feedback and conversations.


For dedicated developing artists of any skill level.

The premium offers a more detailed, hands on experience plus a custom mixing template.

Premium students will have a full technical mixing learning experience along with communication and regular follow ups from Jordan to ensure effective growth.


For serious developing artists and producers who are looking to become immersed in the most effective music career practices.

This program offers a long term career blueprint and mentorship for music creator's who are determined and serious about generating income and legacy with their music skills. 

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