Waves Bundle

250+ Waves Vocal presets and Mastering Chains for 50% Off

The Waves Bundle - BaywoodAudio.com
The Waves Bundle - BaywoodAudio.com

What is the Waves Bundle?

We have collected all of our Waves Sauce Vocal preset pack and brought them together in one fancy bundle that saves you 50%. Take advantage of the advanced processing power that Waves plugins are capable of. Use fully labeled knobs to dial in that perfect tone on your vocals with ease. Stand out with your music and reach a level you never thought was possible, all from your bedroom.


Here these presets in action

The Benefits of Waves Bundle 

Quick & easy to use and install

Wide variety of genres and vibes

Easy to tweak and adjust to taste

Works for male and female songs

Guaranteed to increase your quality

Watch Waves Bundle In Action


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Chiheb G.

Top top top the Waves All-In-One Sauce is of quality I always find the necessary presets for different voices thank you Jordan

Todd K.

This is definitely the most important piece to your production arsenal. Great purchase!


It is a very efficient product in price/performance. on many sites you get much less for much more expensive prices.

Roc J.

at 1st I had a lag but then was able to fix it then the plugins where amazing i brought the bundle some presets have the same name in the bundle hint to minus 1 star

Hey Roc, glad to hear you no longer have a lag! I hope you are enjoying the presets. Also, just so you know, we have named the presets the same in each pack to avoid any confusion. The presets are made using different waves plugins to achieve a similar sound from pack to pack in the all-in-one.

LaVoyd F.

I got that Baywood all in one 🔥🔥
Also great customer service as well.

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