· By Jordan Baywood

The easiest way to become a full-time musician...

Let's face it...

One of the main reasons you’re doing music is because you hope to one day go full-time with it. 

I don’t blame you.

Imagine how relaxed you’d feel not having to wake up at 5 am every day to go to work and instead waking up whenever you want and working on music. 

That’s called freedom my friend and guess what?

Being a full-time musician is totally achievable but not in the way you think it is. 

You’re not just going to randomly blow up and have millions of people streaming your music daily.

Sure that can be your long-term goal but if you want to start making dough quickly through music then the easiest way is by...

Providing a service. 

What’s one of the highest in-demand services in the music industry? Mixing.

You're going to be providing mixing services to artists and audio companies in exchange for a bag. 

“But Jordan I don’t know how to mix!”

Simple. Learn it. 

Click here now to discover the fastest way to go from an absolute beginner to a professional mixer. 

Don’t keep reading unless you’re at least decent at mixing.

Once you’ve learned how to mix you’re going to create profiles on Fiverr, Airgigs and Upwork to promote yourself. Start working and getting clients there for a bit.

Once you’ve mixed music for a few clients you’re going to apply to have a mixing service at engineears.com

Basically EngineEars will help you look more professional as well as help you with management and communication issues.

At this stage you’ll at least be making a part-time bag from mixing.

Keep grinding for a few years (possibly just months) with your mixing services and you’ll scale up to full-time. 

I know you’re probably overwhelmed with information right now.

Just remember to take it one step at a time and you’ll be fine. I’ll break it down for you :

Step 1 - Learn to mix

Step 2 - Create profiles on Fiverr, Airgigs and Upwork.

Step 3 - Once experienced apply to have a mixing service at EngineEars.

Step 4 - Scale to full-time and above.

Stick to this plan consistently and you’ll become a full-time musician in a few years!

If you have any questions please reply to this email and let me know!

All the best,

Jordan Baywood. 

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