Waves - How to Install Presets

Waves - How to Install Presets

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  1. Unzip (double-click) waves/studiorack preset pack from Baywoodaudio.com and search for the “studiorack user presets” folder on your computer.
  2. Drag and drop the waves/studiorack preset pack folder as well as the master chains in the “studiorack user presets” folder.
  3. Open up your daw and open StudioRack on a stereo track. (Rverb will not open unless Studio rack is opened in stereo or mono>stereo)
  4. Click on the yellow text that says “Full Reset” and scroll down to see your user presets.
  5. You can now select to open any preset and adjust the macros to your liking! If you have any questions please reach out to support@baywoodaudio.com for a fast response!

List of Waves Plugins Used🧪

Waves presets

Macro Legend:

Lcut - Low Cut

Hcut - High Cut

FB - Feedback

fx- effects

ParaComp - Parallel Compression

Any questions? Please email us at Support@BaywoodAudio.Com

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