Pro Tools - How to Install Presets

Pro Tools - How to Install Presets

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How to Install Pro Tools Presets (no bussing) :

  1. Open Pro Tools on your computer
  2. Open Finder and search for ‘Track Presets’ (if on windows, you are looking for this folder as well)
  3. Double click preset zip file to unzip it then drag and drop presets from your downloads into this folder
  4. Open pro tools and you will see your track presets when right clicking a track and going to track presets. With Melodic Sauce 2, this is different (see below)
  5. If you do not see them there, just quit Pro Tools and open it back up. It may also be necessary to restart your computer if you do not see them.
  6. Get creative and have some confidence in your mixes! Feel free to tweak and save new settings as you see fit!

pro tools

Pro tools vocal presets

How to Open Track Presets with Bussing for Effects (Melodic Sauce 2, Vocal Sauce 2)

These presets use busses for effects which means they cannot be opened as a normal track preset.

  1. Use shift+command+N to open new audio track. Change it to stereo and choose track presets>Melodic Sauce 2 from the audio track drop down menu.

Protools vocal preset install

   2. Be sure to select Melodic Sauce 2, not adlibs or master chains.

  1. You can open as many presets as you want this way, but this is the only way to open presets that use busses. You are not able to right-click on a track and change the track preset from there as the sends will not load.
  2. I have chosen one vocal preset, one adlib preset, and one master chain as an example.

    5. Once you have selected your desired presets and number of presets, simply hit create and they will load.

  1. As you can see in the picture above, the lead vocal preset, the adlib preset, and the master chain have all loaded up and are ready to go!
  2. Remember, anytime you want to open another preset from Melodic Sauce 2 or Vocal Sauce 2, you must use shift+command+N to do so!

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