Free Vocal Presets for Protools | Sound Pro In Seconds!

Free Vocal Presets for Protools | Sound Pro In Seconds!

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Free Vocal Presets for Protools. Downloading our 5 pack of free vocal presets can literally change your sound in seconds. Simply download our free presets, follow the installation guide, and voila! Drag and drop the vocal presets and tweak them to your desired taste. If you're ready just skip this blog, click this link to instantly download your free vocal presets. Otherwise, let me tell you the advantages of our vocal presets!

Free Vocal Presets for Protools

Why would you want to use vocal presets?

  • You're not the best engineer yet, but that's okay! Practice makes perfect!
  • You can actually learn from these vocal presets! Simply reverse engineer them and see how we created them in the first place
  • You can save time & money. Forget the expensive engineer, do it yourself!
  • They're free, it's worth at least trying!
  • Even if you're a pro these work as an amazing starting point!

Don't just take these benefits from us, take it from the music industry as a whole! So when drake hops in the booth do you think he simply hears his raw vocal in the headphones? That's not the case by any means! These big artists have preset vocal chains that they use to catch a vibe and emulate a sound similar to the finished product of the song. 

Ultimately this saves artists time, allowing them to create more music! In this day and age volume and quality have become extremely important, let us help you! Still not convinced? Watch the video below for more information on how these vocal presets could help you!

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