FL Studio 20 - How to Install Presets

FL Studio 20 - How to Install Presets

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How to Install Presets: FL Studio

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of FL Studio.
  2. Locate the “Mixer Presets” folder. (Type “mixer presets” in your search bar. if on Mac search in spotlight search bar)
  3. Double click preset zip file to unzip it then copy and paste the preset folder inside of the Mixer Presets folder.
  4. Open up FL Studio. You can drag and drop a preset of your choice to the vocal channel on your project by locating the preset on the side bar in the Mixer Presets menu. Alternatively, you can also drag the preset directly from the vocal preset folder or mixer folder and drop it
  5. AUTO TUNE/ PITCH CORRECTION Needs to be changed manually depending on the key of your beat. Visit “audiokeychain.com” and put your beat into that website. It will give you the key of the track.

Template Install Method:

  1. Double click on the project file for the template that you have downloaded. This will uncompress the file.
  2. On your computers search bar, find your main FL studio Folder called FL Studio.
  3. After finding that folder, simply drag and drop the your new template in the template folder.
  4. You can now open that template once you start up FL studio!

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