DIY Vocal Template | This Will Make You Sound Like A Pro For Free!

DIY Vocal Template | This Will Make You Sound Like A Pro For Free!

Jordan Baywood
2 minute read

Imagine if you had a template that could automate each individual process of vocal recording. Look no further, it's here! I've created the first do it yourself Vocal template. This template includes a multitude of different tracks, perfectly displaying where each individual piece of the track should be recorded.

This Template is perfect for beginners looking to sound radio ready in an instant. After using this template you should have a full understanding of how the pros lay their projects out to prepare for recording. The best part about this is that this Template is absolutely free for you to use! Download Here!

Free Vocal Template


How do I use a vocal template?

The process of using the template is much more simple than you'd think! start by dragging your instrumental into the "BEAT HERE" track. If you've used a classic DAW you'll surely be able to figure this first step out. As you can see in the figure above I break down each of the vital sections of the track including hooks, verses, layers, and then adlibs.

This gives artists a clear indication of which track they will need to use for that specific section of the song. Please note: I'm not saying that you should record in this particular order, as every instrumental will be arranged differently. Simply use your own discretion when deciding where to record each section of the track! Here's a quick video that displays me using this template live:


Vocal Presets VS. Vocal Templates

Understand that this free utility is much different from a vocal preset. Think of this as a step by step guide which includes one vocal preset on each track. With my vocal template you can still tweak to taste as you wish. If you're unfamiliar with vocal presets check out the website using the links below.  


Vocal Presets

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