Distrokid | The Ultimate Resource For Artists!

Distrokid | The Ultimate Resource For Artists!

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Think of Distrokid as the middleman that processes your music and contacts large streaming services to have the song uploaded. These services include Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and many more. (See more below.)

Distrokid Upload

In 2022 it is imperative that you're using a service such as Distrokid as there's literally no other way to get onto these platforms! The distributor you pick is solely based on your preferences and needs as an artist but here at Baywood Audio, we prefer Distrokid overall! The customer support team is incredible, the price is affordable for any, and the features of the site go on and on.

Annual Subscription 

While most distributors make you pay for your release up front, Distrokid takes a much different approach. Unlimited releases for a flat rate that you'll be paying yearly. If you plan on releasing music consistently this is the best way to go as you're going to be saving a ton of money in the long run. 

Distrokid Plans

Now let's take a platform such as Tunecore. Tunecore charges $9.99/per single and $29.99 per album. After two singles you will already be paying as much as someone paying for an entire year of Distrokid! If you ask me, that's just absurd. 

You can keep it simple with your upload or you can throw in some pretty cool add-ons at the end of your uploads such as uploading to Shazam, Siri, and more which are optional.

Uploading To Distrokid

Distrokid makes it incredibly transparent and simple upon uploading. Fill out the short form, drag your song into the upload box, add your cover art, and boom, you're done! There's no true timeline on how quickly your song will be uploaded because the other half of the process resides in the distributor so there are no promises if you upload your track last minute. I personally suggest uploading at least two weeks before release but Distrokid recommends about a month prior. The sooner you upload your track the more time you can give Spotify to consider your song for Spotify curated playlists which could catapult your song on the day of launch! 

Our Favorite Benefits

Hyperfollow - Hyperfollow allows you to create a pre-save link that allows listeners to ensure that your song will be added to their liked tracks on release day. This can help push your song into the algorithm quickly and reach algorithmic playlists such as Discover Weekly. Spotify loves when they see independent artists keeping people on their platform so pre-saves are a great way to show Spotify that you have an engaged fan base. What's even better is that once a user pre-saves your track, they will automatically follow you. Lastly, each time you drop a song from that point on, the user will receive an email about it and see the song in their release radar playlist!

Distrokid Hyperfollow

Spotify Verification - let's face it, in this day and age blue check marks create this level of trust that makes the modern-day human look up to someone as soon as traveling to their social media page. Distrokid gives any artist the opportunity to have that blue check mark by going through a quick and easy verification. Although it's rather easy to get, your listeners will take you MUCH more seriously.  

Spotify Verified Artist

Lyrics - Yes, Distrokid allows you to add the lyrics of your song which will show up on Spotify! This gives that little push that shows your legitimacy as an artist. As a small artist, it's extremely important that we show our listeners that we are serious about our music! Whether they realize it or not consciously, this is going to make them take you much more seriously in the long run. Not only does this upload to streaming platforms, but to Google search as well! This will in turn boost your SEO as an artist in general. (Search Engine Optimization.)

Joey Holli Sad Eyes

Royalties & Splits - Distrokid makes it extremely easy to give royalties and splits to other artists simply just by putting their email in. As long as the other artist is also using Distrokid, royalties & splits will be automatically tracked and managed. 

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How Am I paid? 

This is another process that is made very simple by Distrokid. Once each streaming platform reports your stream revenue it will show up in your Distrokid bank. Keep in mind, that it will take roughly 2-3 months before you start to see any income at all. This is because streaming platforms are ensuring that royalties are being delegated correctly. Remember, these platforms are dealing with millions of artists each of which has numerous songs. This is a ton of data to manage and track! 

Where do I sign up?

Simple! Click here for 10% off of your first year of Distrokid! If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out to Distrokid customer support or contact us by email: Support@baywoodaudio.com

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