About Baywood | My Story In A Nutshell

About Baywood | My Story In A Nutshell

Jordan Baywood
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What is Baywood Audio?

We are an audio company specializing in vocal mixing and master. We create tools and tutorials to help others learn how to engineer, in a more exciting, educational way. Our goal is to make audio engineering affordable and accessible to all.

Who is Baywood?

Jordan Baywood aka Baywood is a music producer and audio engineer born in Toledo Ohio and currently residing in Tampa Florida. In February 2021 Jordan was Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer - Hodgkin's Lymphoma - and that inspired him to keep putting out tools and tutorials on Baywood Audio and double down on his own music "Baywood."
In September 2021 he was officially "free" of cancer and has been staying focused on creating audio tools and tutorials that help others make more music. 
Joey Holli X Jordan Baywood
There's no question that my vocal presets have proved to be an amazing asset to the music community. As of now, I have had surpassed over 1000 reviews, nearly 90% of them garnering 5-star reviews.
Product Reviews
I believe that achieving incredible vocal mixes shouldn't be difficult, so I've made it easier to reach radio-ready quality in an instant. Lets face it, we live in a world that is forever evolving and moving at a faster pace on a daily basis. I've come to the understanding that not everyone wants to become a professional vocal mixing engineer. I continue to keep the same question on my mind: How can I continue to make this industry more accessible to regular people? My goal is to allow artists to do it all on their own!
Truthfully I've been seeing a surge of mixed engineers becoming upset with these products as the demand continues to grow. Despite what some might feel, my plan is to automate the industry and make things easier for everyone! If you'd like to try my latest product, Vocal Sauce 2, use the link below for 15% off!
Vocal Presets
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There's nothing in the world I enjoy more than helping others make more music!
Connect with me on Instagram - @Baywoodaudio

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