About Baywood Audio

About Baywood Audio

Baywood Audio Baywood Audio
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We create vocal presets to help artists sound professional in seconds.

Our goal is to help bedroom artists to achieve a radio-ready sound without professional engineering knowledge.

Since 2019 we have served over 40,000 striving artists with more than 1,300 5-star product reviews.

Not only are we a company, but we also provide free vocal mixing tutorials to our community on Youtube.


"I believe that achieving high-quality music shouldn't be difficult, so I've made it easier to reach radio-ready quality instantly...

I've come to the understanding that not everyone wants to become a professional vocal mixing engineer. I continue to keep the same question on my mind: How can I make this industry sound more accessible to regular people? My goal is to allow artists to easily do it all on their own!"

- Jordan Baywood

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