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💡 The following is our 2025 Vivid Vision. Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so we can have clarity on what we are building now. This is a detailed overview of what our business will look like, feel like, and act like three years out—by Jan 2025.

We help creators discover their true potential, allowing them to do more than they thought was possible.

At Baywood Audio we create tools and tutorials that make the creating process easier, faster, and of higher quality.

Our Purpose:

Imagine a world where you can accomplish anything. A life without boundaries or limitations. This is the Baywood Audio universe where you may explore your truest self.

We help creators discover their truest potential, allowing them to do more than they ever dreamed of. We help creators confidently go from an idea to conception using our products.

Our Values & Principles

The foundation of Baywood Audio principles is innovation, motivation, curiosity, and legacy.

  • Innovation- the process of finding new and better ways of doing things.
  • Motivation - the desire to do something in a better or more interesting way.
  • Curiosity - the desire to learn more about something.
  • Legacy - what you leave behind after you're gone.

Our headquarters

We have a creative studio in Tampa, Florida where you can podcast and compose music. Our office building contains three studios so several artists can record and create music when they are in town. There is a podcasting facility, three recording rooms, a lounge, and a kitchen with healthy food and drinks.


Each area for creativity is designed with an erase board/paint, so you can decorate/design them. You may draw/write freely on the walls. Underground artists may perform and have a nice time at our entertainment venue. There are worldly based themes throughout our studios that expand your worldview to embrace culture.



The atmosphere is purely creative with an open floor plan, pool table, and Creative Commons area. People may wear whatever they choose and reveal themselves freely and unreservedly. They are happy to be themselves.

We attend shows/concerts, speaking events, content collaborations, parties, business meetings, and recording studios.

Our marketing

We attract our ideal consumers via content by valuing their individuality, fulfilling their needs, demands, and comprehending their interests and activities. We also survey our top clients to find out what they enjoy.

Our team

Our team is made up of dedicated people who are committed to helping one another. Moreover, they embrace teamwork since each of our successes benefits the other. We understand the desire to share anything outstanding and we've learned and grown alongside our coworkers.

We have a very creative staff that includes design teams, product development teams, social media teams, event planners, programming teams, and many more producers.

Our clients are treated with respect and care by our staff.

We are not limited by our finances, but rather by our capacity to leave a lasting legacy that will motivate future generations to pursue their own goals and achieve a fulfilling life as a result.


What our audience says about us:

  • "You assisted me in making my first piece of art."
  • "You helped me learn and enjoy the entire process of making music."
  • "You allowed me to make money on my phone and computer."

Our technology & products.

We have several items on offer. Our phone app lets you sound good from any device or microphone. It connects to the cloud, which links to every gadget and can quickly produce anything at any time and place. This eliminates the steps and enables you to go from start to finish in less time and with less effort.

We also have a multipurpose mixing tool that can be used in our DAW and on other DAWs. It's a single, mixing plugin that may be used on any instrument and is categorized by genre, instrument, mood, and effects. It has a simple interface with several individual plugins inside that address the problem of mixing.

Additionally, we offer all-in-one mastering software that raises the volume and levels of your song to match those of your reference track.

We have a beat-making and recreating tool that even musicians like to use to make songs around their vocals, which makes beat creation and recreating a breeze.

We have a large number of presets that we utilize to gather information on plugins, DAWS, and user interests. We recognize them as strong competition when they acquire a lot of downloads because they provide something we are lacking and have aspects that we may learn from.


We have many recording and mixing templates because they are the most efficient approach to getting someone with a specific daw to perform the whole recording process without having to install anything.

We have a lot of NFT projects because that is how our world works. It's a public contract and agreement. We provide a wide range of services on the blockchain to help people improve their lives, create better products, and create greater art. This makes the world a nicer place.

NFTS provides a means for any musician to generate real money from their music, no matter how many people listen to it. The gift and legacy we leave behind when we put a song into the world is invaluable.

We provide items that assist creative individuals to connect in the real and digital worlds.

We have courses that are comparable to those offered by accredited institutions. Quality education should not be restricted to the privileged alone. Everyone should have equal access to education.

We provide sample packs that make it simple to discover, create, and customize any sound you desire in the world's cloud. Sounds are available for free.


Our Financials

Every year, we bring in more than $100 million. We expect profit to rise at a rate of 250% steadily every year. Profit is invested in schools that provide additional creative alternatives for young people without restricting them by time, money, or location. The bulk of our income comes from digital goods such as presets, plugins, and templates.

Recording artists pay us to have complete control over their creative process. We also teach them the fundamentals of recording, mixing, and mastering so they’re able to put quality in their hands.

Producers are frequently expected to execute the whole process on their own, but we aid producers in making artists happy so that more music may be created.

Audio engineers pay us for our technology to allow them to create a large number of songs quickly and with high quality.

Schools make our company income because we provide them with software that allows people to be interested in music creation. We make it entertaining, easy, creative, high-quality, and cost-effective for all schools, regardless of location or financial status. This access to creativity promotes individual growth and development. Scholarships for creativity are somehow connected.

Our time

Our time is the one thing we can never get back in life, so making the most of it to have the greatest impact possible is critical. Our value is infinite, and our goods and content are not restricted by time, geography, or money. Our time is free to do whatever we choose as long as it helps others achieve their goals.

Founder thoughts

I believe that there is an enormous amount of change coming and that life has been fantastic thus far. We can help make the world more creative, start businesses based on it and have a beneficial impact globally.

I can clearly express myself and avoid being influenced by my emotions. Before I respond, I think about it. Instead of reacting, I'm proactive. Because I genuinely care about others, I ask a lot of questions to discover people's real thoughts and ideas.


The Roots.

Jordan Rodriguez aka Baywood is a 25-year-old music producer and audio engineer from Toledo, Ohio, now residing in Tampa, Florida.

Jordan felt like a follower growing up. His interests weren't always his own, and he didn't know what path he wanted to pursue in life, much as we all had at one time or another. It wasn't until later in high school that he had an encounter that would alter his life significantly, at Electric Forest, a music festival.

Watching the stage light up and seeing the energy of the performances and the crowd really resonated within Jordan. It was a powerful experience that struck an emotional chord within his soul. He saw all these people in the crowd connecting at the moment. It was at this moment he began to grasp the true power of music. The craziest part to him was that the performers were primarily using computer gear to perform and not live instruments.

"Jordan realized he could make music on his own from home using his laptop. Over the next few years, Jordan would fall in love with the music creation process and has since released his music on Spotify."

Around early 2017, Jordan started to become friends with many local artists around Toledo OH. As the opportunities for collaboration started to grow, he discovered a newfound passion for mixing and mastering tracks for his singer/songwriter friends.

It wasn't until the later months of 2017 that he began to experiment with his YouTube channel. He uploaded a variety of music-based content but didn't find his stride until he started posting Tutorials on Vocal Mixing.


Once one of his tutorials hit a few hundred views and he received several positive comments thanking him, Jordan realized that his true passion was helping people. YouTube quickly became the primary focus.

Baywood Audio grew rapidly in 2020, so much so that at only 23 years old, Jordan was able to bring in his close friends and content creators to join the Baywood Audio team full time.

"In February 2021, Jordan was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer - Hodgkin's Lymphoma - despite his diagnosis, he remained inspired to keep putting out tools and tutorials on Baywood Audio and double down on his own music."

"In September 2021, he completed his chemotherapy and was deemed officially "free" of cancer. Since then he has been staying focused on creating audio tools and tutorials that help others make more music."



"I believe that achieving high-quality music shouldn't be difficult, so I've made it easier to reach radio-ready quality instantly...

I've come to the understanding that not everyone wants to become a professional vocal mixing engineer. I continue to keep the same question on my mind: How can I make this industry sound more accessible to regular people? My goal is to allow artists to easily do it all on their own!


There's no question that my vocal presets have proved to be an amazing asset to the music community. As of now, I have had surpassed over 1500 reviews, nearly 90% of them garnering 5-star reviews. Independent recording artists can easily navigate my website and find tools and resources to help them on their music journeys.

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